Whitehorse Yukon Canada

15 Interesting and Amazing Facts About Whitehorse Yukon Canada

Whitehorse is the capital city of Yukon Territory, it is one of the major northern hubs and the largest communities in Yukon. Whitehorse Yukon Canada has more than 70% of population of Yukon living in here.

Whitehorse is located in shared traditional territory of the Kwanlin Dun First Nation (KDFN) and the Ta’an Kwach’an Council (TKC) and has a cultural community and thriving arts.


Whitehorse diversity includes French schools and French immersion programs and it has an amazing and strong Filipino community. Amazing Facts About Whitehorse, Yukon make Whitehorse an amazing tourist destination in Canada.

Whitehorse has an active and young population, and city has number of amenities that you will get surprised to find them in North. A Games Centre is also available in Canada that 3000 people attend daily.

There are number of trails with 700 km that extend through and out of the Whitehorse, for downhill skiing, hiking, biking. Whitehorse has around 65 parks and number of rinks.

Schools in Whitehorse are well-equipped with number of sporting facilities and offer a huge variety of skilled trades programs.


Amazing Facts About Whitehorse Yukon Canada

1. Whitehorse started as a transportation hub in 1898 during Klondike Gold Rush.

2. On 1st April, 1953 Whitehorse became capital of Yukon Territory.

3. Whitehorse is referred as “Wilderness City”.

4. Whitehorse city was named after White Horse Rapids; before river dammed the rapid looked like name of a white horse.

5. Whitehorse is situated at 918 Mile on Alaska Highway. Edmonton is one of the closest and big Canadian city which is 1,994 km away from Whitehorse.

6. As per Canadian census 2011, population of Whitehorse was recorded around 26,028 people. Around 75% of population of Yukon lives in Whitehorse.

7. Only 8.4 % of population of Whitehorse is more than 65, which is less than national average. 38.1 years is the median age of Whitehorse. It is one of the Amazing Facts About Whitehorse Yukon Canada.

8. 9.7% people speak non-official language, 4.6% people speak only French and English is being spoken by 84.3% of population.

9. Whitehorse is one of the driest city in Canada.

10. During summer solstice, sun rises at 4:27am and sets in the evening at 23:36 am and during winter solstice, sun rises at 10:10 am and sets in the evening at 3:48 pm.

11. On 31st January, 1947, -52.2 °C was the lowest temperature which was recorded in Whitehorse.

12. On 14th June, 1969, 34.4 °C was the highest temperature which was recorded in Whitehorse.

13. There are around 269 hours of bright sunshine on an average in June with only 27 hours of bright sunshine in December.

14. Whitehorse has total 3 sister cities – France, Lancieux, Japan, Ushiku, Alaska and Juneau. 3 were dumped – Echuca, St. Lucia, Castries.

15. There are around 85 km of ski trails which is just 5 minutes by walk from the downtown. These trails remain open 24 hours/day.

You can visit www.gov.yk.ca to know about contact details for General Queries for Whitehorse.