Melville Saskatchewan Canada

5 Famous Tourist Places in Melville Saskatchewan Canada

Melville is a very beautiful and a small city in east central area of Saskatchewan, Canada. Tourist Places in Melville Saskatchewan Canada make Melville a very famous tourist destination in Saskatchewan.

This city is around 145km north east of Regina and 45km south west region of Yorkton. Melville city is bordered by rural municipalities if Stanley No 215 and Cana No. 214.

As per Canadian census 2016, population of Melville was recorded around 4,562, that makes this city one of the
smallest city of Saskatchewan.


Tourist Places in Melville Saskatchewan Canada

1. Melville Heritage Museum: Melville Heritage Museum is the oldest building in Melville; this building is built up in a collegiate gothic style with buff coloured bricks in year 1913 as Luther Academy.

This Museum seeks to display ethnic diversity which is found in Melville or its nearby area, which helps to preserve history of the early Lutheran education in the province.

This Heritage Museum contains more than nearly 10,000 artifacts with 1000 books including textbooks in Latin, Ukrainian, Greek, English and German.

2. Dragon Fly Farms: Dragon Fly Farms is one of the best place to visit in Melville. This farm has number of animals except 100% biscon, lamb and grass fed beef.

Skin or other organs of these animals help to cure any of the skin disease. It is one of the best Tourist Places in Melville Saskatchewan Canada.

An online store for this Dragon Fly Farm is also available if you look forward to buy any of the material.

3. Western Pizza: Western Pizza was started in Regina covering all of its surrounding locations throughout Saskatchewan, Northern BC and Southern Alberta.

This place is best known for its excellent pasta and pizza. Menu of Western Pizza includes favourites like BBQ chicken, steaks, sandwiches and burgers.

4. Chocolate Bean Cafe: Chocolate Bean Café is a place where visitors come to this place and enjoy their coffee to get relaxed. Thousands of visitors come to this place every year while passing through Saskatchewan.

5. Flamingo Restaurant: Flamingo Restaurant is a single place where you will get all of the favourite dishes of Saskatchewan under a one roof.

This place is too much popular among local residents and international visitors.

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