Buses in Saskatchewan Cancelled this Morning due to Extreme Cold Warning

Environment Canada issued an extreme cold warning this morning to across West Central Saskatchewan. “Extreme cold warnings have been issued when cold temperature creates an elevated risk to the health like hypothermia and frostbite”.

The temperature in Saskatchewan reaches -40 this morning and The Sun West School Division has some bus cancellations.

This afternoon temperature in Saskatchewan is expected to warm up at high of -6. A period of cold and chilled winds is expected.

Extreme cold chilled winds are expected to reach near -40 across much of the southern Saskatchewan. The temperature in Saskatchewan will get moderate on Thursday morning.

This same situation was in Ottawa-Gatineau where icy roads lead to the cancelation of 4 school buses.

It was a widespread cancellation for the very first time in western Quebec this week.

According to Environment Canada, a warning of extreme cold was issued for Monday and Tuesday. And a warning for snow has also been issued for Wednesday.

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