5 Famous Tourist Places in Montreal Quebec Canada

Montreal is one of the very famous and the most populous municipalities in Quebec. Montreal, originally is called “City of Mary” or Ville-Marie, and is named after Mount Royal, a triple-peaked hill located in the heart of Montreal. As of the Canadian census 2016, the population of Montreal Quebec Canada was recorded around 1,704,694.

UTC−5 (EST) • Summer (DST)UTC−4 (EDT) is the time zone of Montreal, whereas H (except H7 for Laval) and 514 and 438 is the postal and area code of Montreal.


Famous Tourist Places in Montreal Quebec Canada

1. Mont-Royal: Mont-Royal is around 233 meters above Montreal and is a green lung near to the city center. A beautiful stroll through this beautiful park enables visitors to see monuments to King George VI and Jacques Cartier, by spending their time to Lac-aux-Castors. From summit, there unfolds a beautiful and magnificent panorama of the whole of the 51-kilometer length of the St. Lawrence and the Île de Montréal.

2. Old Montréal: From the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, Old Montréal is a very beautiful and remarkable concentration of buildings. This amazing district has a delightful feel of the Parisian-style quarter, which is situated between the business hub and the waterfront. Its many landmarks, streets, and historic sites are the best explored on foot. There are a number of things to do in Old Montréal, the open-air gathering space of Place Jacques-Cartier, the quays of the revitalized Old Port, the twin-towered Notre-Dame Basilica and the Pointe-à-Callière museum of archaeology.

3. Jardin Botanique: The Jardin Botanique is situated high above Montreal on the grounds which hosted Summer Olympic Games in 1976, the Parc Maisonneuve is one of the very beautiful sites of imaginative botanical garden of Montreal. You will find a huge variety of plants which are grown in 10 exhibition greenhouses and 30 themed gardens, so a huge range of climates are being represented. Outdoor gardens include the very beautiful Chinese and Japanese gardens, as well as all of those devoted to useful, shade, medicinal, aquatic, alpine, and even toxic plants. Rose displays are very beautiful, stunning, and are being used by The First Nations peoples. Soaring greenhouses of Montreal contain pending, bromeliads, bonsai, orchids, ferns, and a tropical rain forest.

4. Chinatown: Chinatown of Montréal is centered on the Rue de la Gauchetière, with its Chinese gates marking in the heart of the quarter. This colorful and beautiful neighborhood dates from the late 1860s, when the Chinese laborers, originally came to work here in the mines and to buildup the railroad, and then moved into cities to find a better life. Nowadays, Chinatown always gets filled up with Asian shops and restaurants, it is a place where tourists and locals go to enjoy a good and delicious meal.

5. St. Mary Queen of the World: The Catholic Mary Queen of the World Cathedral, is located on the east of the Place du Canada, and was built in the year 1894 as a small version of the St. Peter’s in Rome. Massive statues of this place represent patron saints of 13 parishes of Montreal in the 19th century. The crucifix by Philippe Hébert, is the most important artwork in the interior of this place. You will also find a series of nine paintings, out of which seven are painted by Georges Delfosse.


Where is Montreal Quebec Canada?

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