Milton Ontario Canada

5 Famous Tourist Destinations in Milton Ontario Canada

Milton is a beautiful town located in Southern Ontario, Canada, and part of Halton Region in the GTA i.e Greater Toronto Area. As of Canadian census 2016, the population of Milton Ontario Canada was around 110,128. Between the years 2001 and 2011 Milton was one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada, with an increase of 71.4% in population from 2001 – 2006 and another increase of 56.5% from 2006 – 2011.

UTC−5 (Eastern (EST)) is the time zone of Milton whereas, 905 / 289 / 365 is the area code of Milton Ontario Canada.


Famous Tourist Destinations in Milton Ontario Canada

1. Crawford Lake Conservation Area: The Crawford Lake Conservation Area is a conservation area that the Conservation Halton owns and operates near the community of Campbellville in Milton, Ontario, Canada. This conservation area is categorized as a part of the Niagara escarpment world biosphere reserve, an Ontario Area of Natural and Scientific Interest and regional environmentally sensitive area. This area contains a number of hiking trails, a reconstructed Iroquoian village, and Crawford Lake.

2. Hilton Falls Conservation Area: The Hilton Falls Conservation Area is situated in Campbellville, Ontario, it is a conservation area which is best known for its hiking trails and 10 metre waterfall. This area constitutes of an area of around 645 hectares (1,590 acres) and offers cross-country skiing and mountain biking. The Conservation Halton owns and operates this area.

3. Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area: The Rattlesnake Point is an eco-tourism area which is located in Milton, Ontario, Canada and the Conservation Halton owns and operates this area. This conservation area has been spanned roughly around one-hundred square kilometres and near the Niagara Escarpment in Halton Region. The Rattlesnake Point area is home to number of boarding facilities, golf courses, equestrian training and country markets. It is one of the very popular scouting areas.

4. Springridge Farm: The Hughes family built the Springride Farm and has been doing fruit farming for the 6 generations. Farmer Leslie and Isobel Jane Hughes, John’s parents, bought this farm in the year 1960 when their one of the farms in Mississauga was sold out for the development. They bought Springridge farm from the Hartley family. The Hartley’s were the fruit farmers too and had been here at this place since the turn of the century.

5. White Rock Ostrich Farm: The White Rock Ostrich Farm offers a fun and very interesting learning experience for the adults and kids of all ages. On an educational trip you can see one day old ostrich chicks, can feed the yearlings and say hello to the Bluenecks & African Black, Rednecks adult ostriches.

Where is Milton Ontario Canada?

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