Peterborough Ontario Canada

10 Amazing Facts About Peterborough Ontario Canada

Peterborough is a very beautiful and amazing city on Otonabee River in the Central Ontario. It is around 270km southwest of Ottawa and 125km northeast of Toronto. As per 2016 Census, population of city of Peterborough Ontario Canada was around 81,032.

Population of Peterborough CMA i.e Census Metropolitan Area includes surrounding township of Douro Dummer, Otonabee South Monaghan, Cavan Monaghan and Selwyn, it was established in year 2014 at around 123,270.

It has 33rd largest CMA in Canada at present. Current Mayor of Peterborough, Ontario is Daryl Bennett. Tourism in Peterborough is best tourist attraction in Canada. A 4th Edition of “The Business of Travel” is also available to know more about tourism in Alberta.

Peterborough is also known as gateway to Kawarthas, a cottage country, it is a large recreational region of province. It is named in honour of an early Canadian Politician, Peter Robinson, who oversaw major immigration to area.

This city is seat of Peterborough Country. Tourism in Peterborough gives good amount of revenue to the Canadian Government.

Nickname of Peterborough was “The Electric City” as this was the very first town and best tourist place in Canada to use electricity based streetlights.

Peterborough is best place to retire in Ontario because as per Comfort Life, it is best place to live in for seniors.

You can also go through history of tourism, here is a book on “History of Tourism”.


Amazing Facts About Peterborough Ontario Canada

1. Second woman in Peterborough was Senator Iva Fallis, who was appointed to Senate. She strongly championed all of the issues regarding women, equality for women and men and human rights.

2. Jim Balsillie, was born and broughtup in Peterborough, he was former co-CEO and co-Founder of Canadian company i.e BlackBerry, which helped to reshape wgole telecommunication market.

3. In year 1615, Samuel de Champlain traveled all over the area, that come doen from Lake Chemong and portaging down trail approx by Chemong Road to Otonabee River.

4. Adam Scott in 1818, got settled on west shore of Otonabee River and began construction of gristmill and sawmill, that establish that area as Scott Plains.

These mills were located at foot of King Street and were powered by water at Jackson creek.

5. Peterborough Canoe Company was founded in 1893, with a factory which was built on site of original Adam Scott mill.

6. 25% of employees in 1930 in boat building industry worked in Peterborough area of Canada.

7. Peterborough Ontario Canada was the very first place in country to produce hydro electric power. Big companies like Quaker Oats and GE started to take advantage of this cheap resource.

8. Topography of Peterborough is being defined by land formation which was created by recending the Wisconsian glaciers around 10,000-15,000 years ago.

9. Peterborough Skateboard Park is very largest skateboard park in Ontario. This park offers 7 half pipes and multiple rails and ramps.

10. Peterborough is known as gateway to kawarthas, it is just an amazing and awesome city which is made up of rocks.

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