6 Best Things to Do In Yarmouth Nova Scotia Canada

Yarmouth is a beautiful port town which is located on the Bay of Fundy in the southwestern part of Nova Scotia, Canada. Best Things To Do In Yarmouth Nova Scotia Canada make Yarmouth the best tourist place in Nova Scotia.

Yarmouth is one of the shire towns of Yarmouth County and is the largest population centre in Nova Scotia.

Yarmouth is connected to the fishing due to proximity to the Georges Bank, this town is located in the heart of the world’s largest lobster fishing grounds.


Best Things To Do In Yarmouth Nova Scotia Canada

1. Take a Walking Tour: The Yarmouth Development Corporation, The Yarmouth County Tourist Association and Yarmouth County Historical Society have collaborated on the publication of a walking tour which shows a deal of architectural and natural beauty of waterfront and downtown area.

2. Paddle a canoe: There are a number of rivers and lakes galore to test the prowess of the experienced and novice canoeist alike.

Yarmouth County Tourist Bureau is having a brochure which outlines a canoe trip that is best suitable according to your abilities.

3. Bird Watching: For tips on what to look for and where to go just stop at Yarmouth County Tourist Bureau for the maps and guides. It is one of the Best Things To Do In Yarmouth Nova Scotia Canada

4. Follow up the Lupin Trail: Lupins grow too wild along the roadside and in the uncultivated fields. Lupin grows in the full bloom, usually from the late June to the mid-July, nature puts one of its finest shows.

Just turn off the Route #1 at Hebron and then follow Route #340 to the Carleton: Every turn on the road will offer you new vista of amazing colour!

5. Herring Fleet Leave: Herring fleet leaves is one of the best places in Yarmouth to watch parade of ‘small ships’, ‘Fish Point’ is the place which is a monument site and is dedicated to all those who go to the downward direction in the sea through ships.

6. Visit Killam Brothers Wharf: Killam Brothers Wharf is one of the best tourist destinations in Yarmouth. Locals and international visitors visit this place to enjoy its scenic views, to explore and to have lunch.

You can visit www.novascotia.ca to know about Government Services in Nova Scotia.