Truro Nova Scotia Canada

6 Famous Tourist Places in Truro Nova Scotia Canada

Truro is a beautiful and a small town in the central Nova Scotia, Canada. Famous Tourist Places in Truro Nova Scotia Canada make Truro a very amazing tourist destination in Nova Scotia.

Truro is shire town of the Colchester County and is located on south side of Salmon River floodplain, which is very close to the mouth of river at eastern end of the Cobequid Bay.

Truro is known as “Hub of Nova Scotia” because it is situated at a junction between Canadian National Railway, that runs between Montreal and Halifax, and Central Nova Scotia Railway and Cape Breton, which runs between Sydney and Truro.


Famous Tourist Places in Truro Nova Scotia Canada

1. Victoria Park: Victoria Park is a natural woodland urban park of 1,000-acre and this park is located in the center of Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada.



2. Truro Tidal Bore Viewing Visitor Centre: It is a new interpretive information centre which is open in the Lower Truro and there are lots of tourists that come to this place to visit and to watch when the tidal bore comes.

County of Colchester had purchased former Palliser Motel site and renovated it as an existing building for an information centre. It is one of the very Famous Tourist Places in Truro Nova Scotia Canada.


3. Colchester Historeum: Colchester Historeum offers a huge range of programs that includes activities, films, demonstrations and illustrated talks.

This place maintains permanent and growing collection of some Colchester artifacts.


4. Tidal Bore Rafting: Tidal Bore Rafting is powered by world famous “Bay of Fundy” tidal bore, it is one of the best tidal bore rafting tours in Nova Scotia which are unlike any of the other rafting experience in Truro.


5. Colchester – East Hants Public Library: Colchester – East Hants Public Library was opened in September 2016. T

here are no longer dedicated computer labs, but a huge number of public can access to the computers which are retained, and most are placed on the main floor in atrium; 4 in the department of children and 4 are on the second floor.


6. Wild Waters Rafting: Wild Waters Rafting offers 3 trips in a day from the same location.

Central location of this allows to offer 2 half trips and a full trip daily. Best quality and value of rafting are available on the river!

Just make sure that your tide schedule you can choose at your own choice. There are three categories i.e WILD, SUPER WILD, EXTREMELY WILD.


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