5 Famous Tourist Attractions in Port William Nova Scotia Canada

Port Williams is a small and beautiful Canadian village located in Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada. This village is situated on the north bank of Cornwallis River and is named in honor of Sir William Fenwick Williams, a fighter in the Siege of Kars. Williams was the very first post-Canadian Confederation Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, Canada. As of Canadian Census 2016, the population of Port William Nova Scotia Canada was 1,120.

UTC-4 (AST) • Summer (DST)UTC-3 (ADT) is the time zone of Port Williams whereas, 902 is the area code and B0P 1T0 is the postal code of Port Williams Nova Scotia Canada.


Famous Tourist Attractions in Port William Nova Scotia Canada

1. Planters Ridge: Planters Ridge is built in a well renovated 155-year-old timber frame barn which connects the historical features with modern flourishes. This artisanal winery has been invested in a well state-of-the-art equipment, that produces highly wines worth of the Planters Ridge label. With a deep focus on blends, this place has developed a reputation of well balances silky smooth reds and aromatic whites. In addition to the wines, this place also produces innovative and special products, like a premium cider blended with local dark rum and meads crafted with locally sourced honey.

2. Fox Hill Cheese House: The Fox Hill Cheese House is a cheese processing facility which is located in the Annapolis Valley of Port Williams, Nova Scotia, Canada. This place produces more than 20 varieties of gelato, natural yogurt and special cheeses, and non-homogenized milk in the bottles from the herd of Jersey and Holstein cows. You can visit The Fox Hill Cheese House and watch the cheese making process from a viewing window; can taste some sample of products, and enjoy the panoramic view from the timber frame deck.

3. Wayfarers’ Ale Society: The Wayfarers’ Ale Society came in the year 2012 as a group of craft beer enthusiasts for those people who live in Nova Scotia to create own beers, (both ales and lagers) in contrast to increase the blandness of the industrial beers. After lots of experiments, and tasting, this society prepared really interesting beers, that go amazing with foods. You can enjoy reviving some heritage beer recipes at this place and some seasonal beers like freshly filtered light ales.

4. Barrelling Tide Distillery: The Barrelling Tide Distillery is an independently owned craft distillery situated in Port Williams on the Cornwallis River, in the very beautiful Annapolis Valley. This distillery is surrounded by rich and beautiful valley farmlands. The craft spirits at this place include Tidal Run, Tide Vodka and Tide Gin. Signature fruit liqueurs include Javalley, raspberry, haskap, cranberry, cherry, blueberry, and black currant.

5. Prescott House Museum: The Prescott House Museum is a beautiful historic house and garden which is located in the Starr’s Point, Nova Scotia and is part of the Nova Scotia Museum, Nova Scotia, Canada. This museum was built between the years 1812 and 1816 by Charles Ramage Prescott as a centerpiece of Canada’s estate called “Acacia Grove”.

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