Badger's Quay Newfoundland and Labrador Canada

Best Things To Know About Badger’s Quay Newfoundland and Labrador Canada

Badger’s Quay is a very beautiful and a small Canadian town which is situated in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. As per Canadian Census 2016, population of Badger’s Quay Newfoundland and Labrador Canada was 3,016.

This place is situated on Bonavista Bay and had a population count of around 611 in the year 1956. Name of this place was referred to Badger’s Bay in the early census data. Name “badger” was named after community of Badger in Shropshire, England.

Early Settlement: This area was visited by land which was based on inshore cod fishermen and seal fishermen to the early 19th century from the late 18th century.

Settlement in this area started on Fool’s Island, when first settlers were English fishermen all those who came to this area in early 19th century through Bonavista.


Employment: While the sealing and inshore fishery have been the tourism and service industry, self-employment, more recently government services and the traditional industries.

Badger’s Quay Newfoundland and Labrador Canada was first recorded in the year 1891. Population of Badger’s Quay consisted mainly of people those move from the surrounding areas like Pool’s Island. In the year 1891, Badger’s Key had 87 inhabitants.


Land-based Labrador seal hunt and seal hunt were the primary source of income for settling in the Badger’s Quay and communities around Badger’s Quay.

In the year 1950, Straight Shore high road passed via Badger’s Quay and thus centralizing communities services.

By the year 1955, 19 families moved there from the Safe Harbour due to a Centralization Program by government.

In the year 1946, Badger’s Quay was incorporated with Pool’s Island, Valleyfield, and surrounding areas.

In year 1980, rural district of Badger’s Quay-Valley, Pool’s Island was incorporated as a town.

By the year 1981 all coastlines and islands were connected using bridges as most of the roads were paved, and this town had governing town council. In 1880s Badger’s Quay had an amazing ferryman in the name of John Abbott.

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