New Brunswick Canada

Wonderful facts about New Brunswick Canada

New Brunswick is home to approx 760,000 people and is one of the four Atlantic provinces of Canada. Wonderful Facts about New Brunswick Canada make New Brunswick a very amazing tourist destination in Canada.

This province is home of area of unspoiled nature, as forests occupy great majority of province’s land mass. New Brunswick includes number of the coastal islands.

New Brunswick’s largest city is Saint John as Fredericton serves as capital. City of Moncton is an another urban center.

New Brunswick is bilingual as 30% of people speak French as first language, while remaining 70% are English speaking people. Canada is as whole is bilingual, New Brunswick is bilingual province in the whole country.

New brunswick is home to warmest saltwater beach in north of Virginia. Below are name of these saltwater beaches in New Brunswick:
– Parlee Beach Provincial Park
– Aboiteau Beach
– Murray Beach
– Grande-Anse Beach
– Jardine Municipal Park
– Indian Point Beach
– Anchorage Beach

Wonderful Facts about New Brunswick Canada

1. New Brunswick has world’s largest lobster. The sculpture say sorry folks, this suckers never cruised water, which is 11 meters long, 5 meters tall and weighs in astonishing about 90 tonnes.

2. McCain Foods Limited, a multi billion dollar company which is famous for frozen French fries, it is Canadian born product. McCain brothers was created in 1957 in hometown of Florenceville, New Brunswick.

3. Largest whirlpool in Western Hemisphere and second largest in the world can be found between Indian Island and Deer Island, New Brunswick and can be easily viewed from Eastport.

Whirlpool is called “Old Sow” because of sound which get produced by whirlpool. Old Sow is most active for about 3 hours before high tides.

This activity is continued for 2 hours and takes form of collection of spouts, troughs, small gyres and on rare occasions will form large funnel. This area is being reported as wide as 76 meters in diameter.

4. Winnifred Blair, first Miss Canada was from Saint John New Brunswick Canada. On 10th February, 1923 she was crowned as Miss Canada.

5. Do you know that where are the highest tides in the world? The Bay of Fundy is that place. According to New Brunswick Tourism, tides rise at rate of 1 meter per hour.

These tides yield many of the edible treasures, among dried seaweed and mineral rich sea salt, this can be eaten as a snack. It is one of the Wonderful Facts about New Brunswick Canada.

6. Due to Bay of Fundy’s tides, Saint John River flows to backwards twice a day. After that a startling phenomenon occurs. Water level in Bay of Fundy continues to rise above level of river.

Force in the incoming tides overpowers whole current of outgoing river and water of Saint John begins to flow in up direction.

7. Hartland, New Brunswick is the longest covered bridge in the world. This bridge is around 390 meters long.

8. In Saint John, New Brunswick you can find Canadian oldest museum. Many people are aware that Saint John is Canada’s incorporated city.

In 1929 New Brunswick Museum was incorporated as “Provincial Museum”. Its history can be easily traced back 87 years to 1842.

9. Moncton is home to Magnetic Hill. Objects roll uphill on the Magnetic Hill. You can put your car in neutral and your car will roll uphill on its own.

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