5 Famous Tourist Places In Saint John New Brunswick Canada

Saint John is New Brunswick’s major thriving port and industrial center. Famous Tourist Places In Saint John New Brunswick Canada make Saint John a very famous tourist destination in New Brunswick.

This city stands on a single rocky estuarine spur at a point where Saint John River disgorges into the Bay of Fundy and is well affectionate to the residents of New Brunswick. Name of this city is being written in full to distinguish this place from St. John’s, which is in Newfoundland.

As per Canadian census 2016, the population of Saint John, New Brunswick was recorded around 67,575 over an area of around 315.82sq. km.


Famous Tourist Places In Saint John New Brunswick Canada

1. Reversing Falls Rapids: Reversing Falls Rapids occur on Saint John River when rising tide pushes against the flow of the river and forces a surge of huge amount water in the upstream direction.

At the low tide, sea level is more than around 4 meters below  the level of the river. As the tides rise, flow of river get slackens and then become still, before going in reverse direction.

2. Irving Nature Park: Irving Nature Park is on a narrow peninsula and covers around 600 acres. Coastal terrain features volcanic rock and forests along the salt marsh, mud flats, and shoreline, as well as a sandy beach.

High Bay of Fundy tides changes the picture of landscape within an hour. More than 250 species of marine and migratory birds can be  spotted at this Irving Nature Park.

3. Downtown Saint John: In the recent years, a new life has been breathed in the center of the city which makes this place a very pleasant and beautiful place to explore on your feet.

There are a number of walking routes. Historic cemeteries, Heritage brick buildings and Shopping centers all are near to this downtown area.

Generally regarded as a center of Saint John, King’s Square has 2 storey bandstand and is planted with some flower beds and trees in the form of Union flag.

It is one of the very Famous Tourist Places In Saint John New Brunswick Canada. An old Loyalist Burial Ground is also nearby to this downtown Saint John.

4. Cherry Brook Zoo and Vanished Kingdom: Cherry Brook Zoo in Saint John is in the Rockwood Park, and is the home to the exotic species like the Goeldi monkey and Siberian Tiger.

The terrain of this park means that the natural setting of this park surrounds all the animals. The attraction of Vanished Kingdom allows international/local visitors to step back in the time with life-size replicas of some of the extinct animals.

Cherry Brook Zoo also hosts a huge variety of some seasonal events which include some special features at Christmas and Halloween.

5. Fort Howe National Historic Site: On a very fine clear and sunny day, Fort Howe National Historic Site offers magnificent panorama which gets unfolds over the town, river, harbor and shipyards.

It is a wooden blockhouse which was built firstly in Halifax in 1777, then it gets disassembled and rebuilt to protect Saint John Harbour.


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