5 Famous Tourist Places in Moncton New Brunswick Canada

Moncton is one of the largest cities in New Brunswick. Moncton is situated in Petitcodiac River valley, Moncton lies at geographic centre of Maritime Provinces. Famous Tourist Places in Moncton New Brunswick Canada make Moncton a very famous tourist destination in New Brunswick.

This city has got its nickname as “The Hub City” due to its location in central inland in the region and its history as land transportation and a railway hub for Maritimes.

As per Canadian census 2016, population of Moncton was recorded around 71,889 (2016) and has a land area of around 142 km2.

According to 2016 CMA, the population of Moncton was around 144,810 which made it one of the largest cities in New Brunswick and 2nd largest city in the Maritime Provinces.


Famous Tourist Places in Moncton New Brunswick Canada

1. Irishtown Nature Park: Irishtown Nature Park is one of the largest urban parks in New Brunswick and is situated on the northern edge region of Moncton in the city of Moncton, New Brunswick.

At around 9 km2 this park is the largest urban park in Canada. This park has a huge big lake which is very popular for canoeing and kayaking.

This park also offers snowshoeing, mountain biking and hiking during winters. There are a number of historic displays in the park which includes a very small museum consists of fully restored one room based school.

2. Centennial Park: Centennial Park is a municipal park, which is in Moncton, New Brunswick. This park is situated in the west end of the city and has an area of around 0.93 km2.

This park features a static display of CNR locomotive 5270, anchor from HMCS Magnificent, an M4A3 Sherman Tank and a CF-100 Canuck fighter jet.

3. RCMP Memorial: RCMP Memorial is the monument of Doug Larche and 2 more officers, who died after targeted by a gunman and this was unveiled in a small park on Saturday just next to the Petitcodiac River on the second anniversary of this tragedy.

4. Magnetic Hill Winery: Magnetic Hill Winery pulls in the wine lovers from all over the world. This winery is in Moncton, New Brunswick. It is one of the very Famous Tourist Places in Moncton New Brunswick Canada.

As you savor, sip, sniff or swirl a delicious range of award-winning grape and fruit wines you’ll discover that why all wine lovers are being drawn to this Magnetic Hill.

5. Magnetic Hill Zoo: Magnetic Hill Zoo is a 16-hectare zoo which is located adjacent to the Magic Mountain and Magnetic Hill in Magnetic Hill Area of Moncton.

This zoo has more than 400 animals which makes it one of the largest zoo in Atlantic Canada.


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