Edmundston New Brunswick Canada

5 Best Things in Edmundston New Brunswick Canada

Edmundston is very beautiful city, which is located in Madawaska County, New Brunswick, Canada. Best Things in Edmundston New Brunswick Canada make Edmundston a best tourist place in New Brunswick.

As per Canadian Stats 2016, population of Edmundston was recorded around 16,643 people; this count got decreased by 4.2% as comparatively to the census count of 2001.

Median household income of Edmundston in 2005 was around $42,551, which was below to the provincial average income of $45,194 of New Brunswick.


Best Things in Edmundston New Brunswick Canada

1. New Brunswick Botanical Garden: This garden is a provincial park which is located in the suburban Saint-Jacques in Edmundston, New Brunswick.

It is located on 7 hectares which is next to the Madawaska River and has more than 80,000 plants, which make this garden one of the largest arboretum.

The Botanical Garden get open in the early May and opens daily for summer season. In an addition to this Botanical Gardens, New Brunswick also maintains a very unique and antique automobile museum on same grounds.


2. Antique Automobile Museum: Antique Automobile Museum showcases 1 of 2,880 Bricklins which were manufactured during colourful 15-month run of automobile manufacturing plant of New Brunswick. It is one of the Best Things in Edmundston New Brunswick Canada.


3. Le Fortin Du Petit Sault: Le Fortin Du Petit Sault was built in 1841 on rocky outcrop where the St. John River and the Madawaska meet, this fort overlooked the City of Edmundston which was part of British defensive line during boundary dispute between the United States and England.


4. De La Republique Provincial Park: This Park is a recreational park which is located on the shores of Madawaska River. This 44-hectares park offers more than 150 campsites, out of which 100 have electricity. Even you can stay here in one of the rustic shelters.

This park also offers and a convenience store, a heated swimming pool, a playroom for indoor activities, laundry room, a picnic shelter, picnic sites, boat ramp, horseshoe pits, two tennis courts, a fully-equipped outdoor playground, a fully-equipped outdoor playground, cycling trails and scenic hiking.


5. Petit-Sault Brewers: Petit-Sault Brewers are well committed to the development of beer culture, which is felt by tireless efforts, legendary stubbornness, limitless motivation.

Beers in Petit-Ssault Brewers are Belgian inspired beer, it is a happy union between Madawaska County and Belgium which resulted in a very unique product.


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