5 Famous Tourist Places in Dieppe New Brunswick Canada

Dieppe is a very beautiful city in Canadian province New Brunswick. Famous Tourist Places in Dieppe New Brunswick Canada make Dieppe a very famous tourist destination in New Brunswick.

As per Canadian Stats 2016, population of Dieppe was recorded around 25,384 which made Dieppe, one of the largest city in New Brunswick.

Identity and History of Dieppe goes back to 18th century. Dieppe is formerly is known as “Leger’s Corner”, which was then later on was incorporated as a town in year 1952 and was incorporated as a city in year 2003.

Dieppe name was adopted by residents/citizens of Dieppe in year 1946 to commemorate World War 2 operation Jubilee.

Majority of population of Dieppe was in favour of by-law regulating usage of external commercial signs in its official languages, which is the very first for New Brunswick.


Famous Tourist Places in Dieppe New Brunswick Canada

1. Marche De Dieppe Market: Marche De Dieppe Market offers entrepreneurs, growers or farmers from the South-eastern part New Brunswick, it is priority to offer consumers with freshest possible products, either crafted, processed, raised, grown locally.

RLHC i.e Really Local Harvest Cooperative LTD. is a not for profit co-operative and is the manager of Dieppe Market building and organizer of the Dieppe Market which remains open for public on every Saturday between 7:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., a year round.

2. Cineplex Cinemas Dieppe: Cineplex Cinemas Dieppe is a great place to watch latest movies. Staff of this Cineplex Cinemas Dieppe is user friendly which help to get full the requirements like refreshments.

Thousands of people come to this place to enjoy movies and ti spend quality time with their family or friends.

3. Champlain Place: Champlain Place is also known as Champlain Mall and is styled as CF Champlain.

It is one of the best shopping centres which is located in Dieppe, New Brunswick and is the single building shopping centre by floor space in Atlantic Canada.

4. Sky Zone: Sky Zone is Atlantic is one of the largest indoor play space in Canada. You can join Sky Zone indoor trampoline park and can have a lots of fun by bouncing off walls.

It is one of the very Famous Tourist Places in Dieppe New Brunswick Canada. It is that place where you can fly amazingly with style and swagger.

5. Room Escape Atlantic: Room Escape Atlantic is a live version of popular cell phone and computer escape games. This amazing experience will bring you and other more five people together in a single room where door will get closed behind you, and you will be left with only 60 minutes to get escape.


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