Campbellton New Brunswick Canada

5 Famous Tourist Places in Campbellton New Brunswick Canada

Campbellton is a beautiful and a small city with just 7,385 populations in the Restigouche County, New Brunswick, Canada. Famous Tourist Places in Campbellton New Brunswick Canada make Campbellton a very famous tourist destination in New Brunswick.

Campbellton is situated on south bank of Restigouche River which is opposite to the Pointe-à-la-Croix, Quebec, Campbellton was officially incorporated in year 1889 and got its city status in year 1958.

Tourism and Forestry are the major industries in regional economy. As a part of tourism “industry”, wealthy sportfishermen seek for Atlantic Salmon flock to Restigouche Valley during every summer.

This region sees an extensive annual snowfall. Nordic and Alpine ski facilities at Sugarloaf Provincial Park which offer winter recreation opportunities for both local residents and visitors.


Famous Tourist Places in Campbellton New Brunswick Canada

1. Sugarloaf Provincial Park: Sugarloaf Provincial Park is a provincial park which is around 11.5-square-kilometre. This park is all season provincial park which is located in Campbellton. This park opened in year 1972.


2. Campbellton Range Rear Lighthouse: Campbellton Range Rear Lighthouse was built by Peter Naduux of Dalhousie in 1879, who got a contract of $762 to erect twenty-two feet in height, square towers, six small.

2 of the towers were placed at Campbellton which displayed white catoptric lights, two across the Restigouche River and two at Dalhousie, at Oak Point in Quebec.

George Cummings was the very first keeper of Campbellton Range Lights, who got an annual salary of around $100.


3. Visitor Information Centre: Entering any of the province from Quebec via #Route 132, just stop once at Campbellton Provincial Visitor Information Centre for waterfront view, where Restigouche River meets world renowned Chaleur Bay!

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4. Galerie Restigouche: Galerie Restigouche is the region’s one of the largest art gallery, it is also a cultural centre, which offers a huge range of national and regional exhibits.

It is one of the very Famous Tourist Places in Campbellton New Brunswick Canada. You can inquire about special event calendar of gallery for theatre, workshops, concerts and more.


5. Experience Restigouche: Experience Restigouche is located on an edge of magnificent Restigouche River, this place offers a unique experience to the visitors of urban fishing camp by architecture reminiscent of original fishing camps of region.

It is an interpretation centre with 86-sites RV camping, a huge variety of experiences, a menu of culinary discoveries and its touch pool and aquariums are among huge attractions of new centre.


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