Bathurst New Brunswick Canada

5 Famous Tourist Places in Bathurst New Brunswick Canada

Bathurst is a county seat for Gloucester County, New Brunswick. Bathurst is at estuary of Nepisiguit River. Famous Tourist Places in Bathurst New Brunswick Canada make Bathurst an amazing tourist destination in New Brunswick.

As per Canadian census 2011, population of Bathurst was recorded nearly 12,275. Bathurst Mining Camp provided lots of jobs in Bathurst for almost 50 years to raise the economy of region.

This Mine facility closed down in April, 2013. Unemployment in Bathurst hit more than 20% in the northern New Brunswick in March 2013.

Bathurst is has a station and is situated on Canadian National railway line. Rail offers passenger service in both of the directions on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday only.

Economy in Bathurst is primarily focused on forestry, fishing and mining. Other sectors include: provincial and federal government, manufacturing, phone call centres and tourism. City’s largest employer is the service sector.


Famous Tourist Places in Bathurst New Brunswick Canada

1. Daly Point Nature Reserve: Daly Point Nature Reserve consists of trails of around 7.5 km that run through more than 40 hectares.

You can watch thousands of species of animal, plants and flowers when you will visit this nature park. Special attractions in this park include thousands of Canada Geese that arrived on their migratory voyage, and the Maritime Ringlet Butterfly is found only in the 10 saltmarshes in the world.

Interpretation signs and benches are also set up along all of the trails.


2. La Promenade Waterfront: La Promenade Waterfront is located on an Acadian Coastal Drive in the Northeastern part of New Brunswick, Bathurst Waterfront Development offers a cluster of unique outdoor pavilion, a visitor information center, an international cuisine restaurant, boutiques, art and shops which hosts a huge variety of activities throughout the whole year.


3. Pabineau falls: Pabineau falls is an amazing settlement in the New Brunswick, Canada. It is one of the very Famous Tourist Places in Bathurst New Brunswick Canada.

It is an administrative office of Pabineau Mi’kmaq. Pabineau First Nation is one of the small Mi’gmag communities which is situated around 8 km south of City of Bathurst, New Brunswick, with 280 band members which are properly registered.


4. Youghall Beach Park: Youghall Beach Park is located between the beautiful Bay of Chaleur and the majestic Bathurst Harbour.

On Beach Park site amenities include, a full-service marina, playground, beach volleyball courts, boardwalk, change rooms and washrooms.


5. Tetagouche Falls: Tetagouche Falls is settlement in the New Brunswick on Tetagouche River.


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