New Brunswick Canada

10 Amazing Facts About New Brunswick Canada

New Brunswick is Canada’s 3 Maritime provinces along Atlantic coast. New Brunswick touches borders of Nova Scotia and Quebec as well as United States. Amazing Facts About New Brunswick Canada make New Brunswick a very amazing tourist destination in Canada.

It is very easy to travel from New Brunswick to North American cities, such as:
– Boston
– Toronto
– Montreal
– New York

New Brunswick welcomes values the skills and experiences and newcomers to bring our province. It offers you:
– Excellent health and school services
– A low cost of living
– Great jobs

You can live in a small city or town which is very close to beautiful nature that your family and you can enjoy, including:
– Outdoor spaces
– Rivers
– Lakes

Amazing Facts About New Brunswick Canada

1. New Brunswick is home to warmest saltwater beaches in north of Virginia.

2. New Brunswick has world’s largest lobster and sculpture is around 11 meters long, weighs in 90 tonnes and 5 meters talls. You will find lobster in Shediac dubbed “Lobster Capital of the World.”

3. McClain Foods Limited, is a multi billion dollar company which is famous for frozen French fries. It is Canadian born dish.

McCain brothers first plant French fry in 1957 in hometown of Florenceville, New Brunswick. One third of world’s French come from New Brunswick.

4. Largest whirlpool in western Hemisphere and second largest in the world and can be found between Indian Island and Deer Island, New Brunswick can be viewed from Eastport. Whirlpool is called Old Sow because of sounds that it produces.

5. New Brunswick was established in 1785, University of New Brunswick was first English speaking university in Canada and first public university in North America. It is one of the most Amazing Facts About New Brunswick Canada.

6. First Miss Canada, Winnifred Blair was from Saint John. She was crowned on 10th February, 1923.

7. Do you know that highest tides in the world are Bay of Fundy. According to tourism in New Brunswick, these tides rise at rate of 1 meter per hour.

Tides yield number of edible treasures and among them dulse and mineral rich sea salt seaweed as this can be eaten as a snack to flavor stews and soups.

8. Due to tides of Bay of Fundy, Saint John River flows to the backwards twice a day. Water level in Bay of Fundy continues to rise above level of river.

Force of incoming tides overpowers current of outgoing river and water of Saint john begins to flow the upstream it is completely in reverse.

New rapid forms in river, flowing in other direction and effect of tide is felt as far upriver as city of Fredericton which is almost 120 kilometers in northwest of Saint John.

9. Longest covered bridge in the world is found in Hartland, New Brunswick. This is bridge covered over 390 meters.

10. Most oldest Canadian museum can be found in Saint John, New Brunswick. People know that Saint John is Canada’s oldest city with few houses in Canada’s oldest museum.

New Brunswick Museum was incorporated as “Provincial Museum” in 1929 and got its name in year 1930.

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