Thompson Manitoba Canada

5 Best Tourism Attractions In Thompson Manitoba Canada

Thompson is a beautiful city in the northern Manitoba. As a “Hub of North”, this serves as a service centre and regional trade of northern Manitoba. As of year 2016, population of Thompson Manitoba Canada was around 13,123.

Thompson is situated along the Burntwood River, which is around 830km north of Canada, United States border, 739km north of provincial capital of Winnipeg and 396km northeast of the Flin Flon.

Best Tourism Attractions In Thompson Manitoba Canada make Thompson, best place to visit in Canada.

Thomspon was planned by International Nickel Company of Canada in 1956 and was named for John F. Thimpson, Chairman of Company, it is the only one of the city which is fully planned communities in Canada.

Construction of this city was completed by thousands of workforce in 1961. Thompson was dependent on nickel extraction from the Birchtree and Thompson mines, which are most productive in Canada.


This city is being served by all-weather road, by branchline of Canadian National Railway that extends from The Pas to Churchill on Hudson Bay.

Best Tourism Attractions In Thompson Manitoba Canada

1. The Heritage North Museum : When you first learn about the destination you are visiting, you will be shocked. Reason behind this Museum is its history.

This Museum was incorporated in 1990 and in 1956, Nickel was discovered in this area, because of this reason Thompson was purposely built as a community for local nickel mine i.e INCO.

This museum is too much about those people who shaped Thompson about its environment.

2. Spirit Way: Spirit Way is the best way to experience Thompson when you are on foot. Consisting of 2.5km, there is biking trail and a self-guided walking, Spirit Trail will take you from North Heritage Museum and leads to 16 points of interest along the way, that ended up at Miles Hart Bridge.

To walk along and to have experience, entirety of Spirit Way generally takes around 2-3 hours.

3. Wolves Along the Way: There are around 49 concrete wolf statues in Thomspon, Churchill and Winnipeg and 35 of them are in Thompson only! Most of them, are situated just along the Spirit Way, hence “Wolves Along The Way“.

Here is a cool and an amazing thing that if you are in geocaching or you have a GPS, you can follow a “GPS wolf hunt” with goal of tracking down mystery title of each wolf.

You have to just buy a GPS Wolf Passport and then find titles of all these 49 wolf statues to become GPS Wolf Tracker Master!

4. Pisew Falls : These falls are located an hour drive south of Thompson, waterfall was unlike and roaring like anything that ever have expected to see in Manitoba.

It is one of the Best Tourism Attractions In Thompson Manitoba Canada. These falls are surrounded by some lush forest.

People especially come here for hikes; you can also take boardwalk trail to front of falls to admire all of their beauty.

This is an absolute place for the nature lovers.

5. Paint Lake Provincial Park : This Provincial Park is located at 35 minutes drive south of Thompson. It is an amazing place to enjoy nature and get relaxed.

More than thousands of people visit to this park each year to enjoy nature.

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