5 Famous Tourist Places In Selkirk Manitoba Canada

Selkirk is a very beautiful and an amazing city in western region of Manitoba which is located around 22km northeast of provincial capital Winnipeg on Red River. Famous Tourist Places in Selkirk Manitoba Canada make Selkirk a very amazing tourist destination in Manitoba.

As per Canadian census 2016, population of Selkirk was recorded around 10,278. Mainstays of local economy are psychiatric hospital, a steel mill and tourism.

A vertical bridge over Red River joins Selkirk with East Selkirk which is a very small town. This city is directly connected to the Winnipeg via Highway 9 and is being served by Canadian Pacific Railway.

Selkirk was named in the honour of Thomas Douglas, a Scotsman, 5th Earl of Selkirk, who received grant to establish colony in Red River area in year 1813.


Famous Tourist Places in Selkirk Manitoba Canada

1. Cat Eye Manitoba Fishing: Cat Eye Manitoba Fishing offers great catfishing experience on the planet. At this catfishing, cats are both plentiful and powerful averaging around 20 lbs.

It is wonderful experience that no one will miss when visitor plan to visit Selkirk, Manitoba. Thousands of visitors come to this place to enjoy this fishing.

2. Marine Museum of Manitoba: Marine Museum of Manitoba is a non for profit organization and is situated in Selkirk Manitoba Canada.

This museum was established to gather items relating to shipping, artifacts and ships in 1972 and, to narate the story of operation and development of transportation on the Red River and Lake Winnipeg.

3. Selkirk Golf & Country Club: Selkirk Golf & Country Club is a wonderful place in Selkirk, Manitoba.

This Club offers Changing Room, Restaurant, Lessons, Proshop, Club Fitting, Golf Club Rental, Pull Cart, Motor Cart, Practice Green, Driving Range. Thousands of people come to this place to spend a day with their family and friends.

4. St. Peter Dynevor Anglican Church: St. Peter Dynevor Anglican Church is situated on the east side of Red River. It is one of the very Famous Tourist Places in Selkirk, Manitoba.

This church was built in year 1852-54; it was the single Aboriginal Anglican parish in Red River Settlement. Chief Peguis, benefactor and friend to Selkirk Settlers and defender of the Native land rights is buried into churchyard.

5. The Selkirk Community Arts Centre: The Selkirk Community Arts Centre exhibits work done by different members every month from February to December.

There is a gift shop into this art centre which sells out unique items that are also being produced by the gallery members. Jewelery, Carvings, Cards and Pens can be found in this gift shop.

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