5 Famous Tourist Places in Morden Manitoba Canada

Morden is a very beautiful city which is located in the Pembina Valley region of the southern Manitoba, Canada near to the United States border. Famous Tourist Places in Morden Manitoba Canada make Morden a very amazing tourist destination in Manitoba.

Morden is 11 km west of the neighboring city of Winkler. As per Canadian census 2016, the population of Morden was recorded around 8,668.

Morden is surrounded by Rural Municipality of Stanley and is one of the 2nd largest cities in Pembina Valley region of Canada. This city is situated south of Winnipeg Capital Region.

The communities of Winkler and Morden are referred to as Twin Cities of Manitoba, due to its economic ties, shared services, and extremely close proximity.


Famous Tourist Places in Morden Manitoba Canada

1. Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre: Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre is formerly known as Morden and District Museum which is located in Morden, Manitoba into the lower level of Access Events Centre.

This museum has a huge collection of marine reptile fossils which are found in Canada.

2. Manitoba Baseball Hall Of Fame Museum: Manitoba Baseball Hall Of Fame Museum displays the memorabilia which is related to the history of baseball 1900 in Manitoba with uniforms from both present and past.

3. Pembina Valley Provincial Park: This Park is a provincial park which is situated in the southern region of Manitoba Canada.

This park is around 47 km south-west of Morden, Manitoba, Canada on Highway 201, Highway 31 and Highway 3 and covers around 1.8 square km.

This park is being considered as Class III protected area under IUCN protected area management category.

4. Minnewasta Golf & Country Club: Minnewasta Golf & Country Club is situated on an edge of beautiful Pembina escarpment.

This club features hilly terrain with different types of trees that border the fairways. Dead Horse Creek that winds its all of way throughout this golf course is an attractive and challenging feature of the area.

Wildlife can also be spotted in this course. it is one of the very Famous Tourist Places in Morden, Manitoba.

5. Pembina Hills Arts Centre: Pembina Hills Arts Centre encourages the diversity and growth of culture and arts for Pembina Valley Region by giving an environment that stimulates artistic awareness and expression through the provision of administrative support, programming, and education.

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