5 Famous tourist places in Flin Flon Manitoba Canada

Flin Flon is one of the best mining city in Manitoba, Canada. Famous tourist places in Flin Flon Manitoba Canada make Flin Flon a very tourist destination in Manitoba. As per Canadian census 2016, population of Flin Flon was around 4,982 and 203 in the Saskatchewan.

It is the located on correction line in boundary of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, with majority of city which is located in Manitoba. Residents thus travel North into Manitoba, South into Saskatchewan.


Famous tourist places in Flin Flon Manitoba Canada

1. Bakers Narrows Provincial Park: Bakers Narrows Provincial Park is ideal for boating, fishing and camping. There are also three beaches, boat launches and playgrounds.

There is a scenic tower with some interpretive signs and can be easily accessed by a short climb. This park opens from May to September.

2. Flin Flon Station Museum: Flin Flon Station Museum offers unique artifacts collected from transportation, mining and Flin Flon Station Museum cultural sources, a train sweeper and ore car including a diving suit and helmet, Linn tractor which was used in the early freight hauls.

3. Northern Visual Arts Centre: Northern Visual Arts Centre is located in Flin Flon, Manitoba, it is a not for profit arts centre, studio cooperative and gallery.

Mission of this Art Centre is to offer a welcoming, dynamic and creative space where artists can educate, develop art. It is one of the very Famous tourist places in Flin Flon Manitoba Canada.

This place exhibits national and local recognized artists, who offer studio space to local artists who offer a huge range of programming and classes for people of all age group.

4. Ski Club Cross Country Trails: Ski Club Cross Country Trails are one of the very amazing tourist places in Flin Flon.

This place also offers canoeing, trails and hiking of around 27km. Thousands of national and international visitors come to this place and enjoy the day.

5. Big Island Drive In Movie Theater: Big Island Drive In Movie Theater is one of the best place to spend a whole day in Flin Flon. You can enjoy all time favourite movies with your family/friends.


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