China arrested Canadian on fraud charges

China arrested Canadian on fraud charges: According to the South China Morning Post, a local media in China revealed that a 61-year-old Canadian has been arrested in accusation of trying to do fraud an unnamed company i.e an entertainment company out of around C$375 million.

As per the newspaper, the man, whose full name has not been mentioned, tried to use some fake documents to transfer money to an account in Hong Kong from the company’s account.

Global Affairs Canada did not respond immediately to do a request for comments on this matter, but the arrest came in the mid of the diplomatic relations between China and Canada.

The arrested two Canadians are: Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, both of these have been detained in China for allegedly exposing national security since December.

Their arrest came just after Vancouver’s Canadian Authorities arrested Meng Wanzhou, a senior executive along with The Chinese firm Huawei Technologies, to whom the U.S is looking for on fraud charges.

It was announced on Saturday that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fired John McCallum as Canada’s ambassador after he twice weighed on extradition case.

Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, another Canadian, received the death sentence for his previous drug smuggling conviction, it’s really a harsher penalty than 15 years of imprisonment that he’d already been given.

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