Merritt British Columbia Canada

7 Most Amazing Facts About Merritt British Columbia Canada

Merritt is an amazing city in Nicola Valley at south-central Interior of British Columbia. Merritt British Columbia Canada is 270km at northeast of Vancouver.

Merritt is situated at confluence of Coldwater and Nicola rivers, it is first community that encountered after travelling along with one phase of Coquihalla Highway and acts as gateway to major highways to B.C. Interior.

This Merritt city was developed in year 1893 when part of some ranches owned by John Charters, Jesus Garcia and William Voght which was surveyed for town site.

Known as Forksdale, community adopted its name in year 1906 in honour of mining railway promoter and engineer William Hamilton Merritt III.

This 9.3 sq mi city consists of community, a civic centre, a public library, a local arena, an aquatic centre, historical sites and a number of civic parks.

Amazing Facts About Merritt British Columbia Canada make Merritt much more tourist place in Canada. Merritt has number of bronzed hand prints which have been in city for annual Merritt Mountain Music Festival that displayed throughout the town.

Merritt is home to the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology campus, a weekly newspaper and local radio station. There are 7 recreational trails, numerous lakes and 4 provincial parks.

Merritt is known as “Country Music Capital of Canada” for its events, activities and wealth of country music attractions.


Amazing Facts About Merritt British Columbia Canada

1. Bird Watching: The Nicola Valley and Merritt has beautiful sceneries to watch birds. It is a great place to watch rare bird species which is near to Beaver Ranch it is approximately located 35km north of Highway. 5A.

There are around 200 different species of birds in Nicola Valley including: Osprey, Great Blue Herons, Common Snipes, Williamson’s Sapsuckers, and more.

2. Fishing: With surrounding lakes in Merritt, there are some new spots to visit Visit Shea Lake which is approx 40km outside Merritt for amazing place to fish and camp with your friends and family.

Gwen Lake offers great fishing spot. This lake is good spot for experienced fishermen. There is an amazing view for photographer from shore to grasslands across the Gwen Lake.

3. Swimming: As summer comes family wants to fit in last swimming in afternoon trip. Nicola Lake is most known lake which is surrounding to Merritt.

There are some Principles, Practices, Philosophies which are available on Tourism.

The very popular location is Monck Provincial Park this is a very wonderful place for a playground for kids, paddle boarding, boating, camping, swimming spot, biking trails and hiking.

4. Harmon Lake: Harmon Lake offers scenic spot for swimming with the camping sites. Nearby is Harmon Lake Forest Interpretive Trail this allows the hikers to walk on southeast side of Harmon Lake.

5. Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame: Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame is a great place to spend afternoon touring around historic building among the iconic Canadian music artists. It is one of the most Amazing Facts About Merritt British Columbia Canada.

6. Country Legend Murals: These legend murals are located throughout community of legendary country musicians. Most of the murals include artists who performed in beautiful City of Merritt during past country festivals.

7. Golf:Merritt Golf & Country Club is located in Merritt on Juniper Drive. This includes a tennis court and gorgeous golf course.

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