Calgary School discovered Typhoid fever

A typhoid fever case has been recently discovered at Calgary elementary school and same has been informed to the parents by the school administrators.

The principal of McKenzie Towne School, sent a letter to parents this week and informed them that a student got in contact with typhoid fever while he was on a trip overseas.

This infected student spent some of his time at the school, but health officials announced that the risk of exposure to the staff members and other students is low.

The letter also states that, just for precaution purposes, there are a number of school buses and different areas of the school have been properly sanitized and cleaned up to the further spread of this disease.

Students also have been taught how to keep themselves healthy and safe.

Below are some of the tips which were included in the letter:
– It is important to use a tissue when you sneeze and throw that used tissue away. Sneeze into your sleeve if you don’t have the tissue.
– If you are sick, then stay at home and if your kids are not well, then keep them home.
– Clean the surfaces which are being used often.

It was also mentioned in the letter that typhoid fever gets spread through water and food which get contaminated with the urine of infected people.

It can cause loss of appetite, headache, stomach pains, weakness and high fever.

In some of the cases, above mentioned symptoms may also include a rose coloured rash. These symptoms may lead to the enlargement of liver and intestinal or spleen bleeding.

According to the website of Government of Canada, it’s common in the developing countries with low standards of hygiene and poor sanitation. A vaccine is available which is helpful in protecting adults and children below the age of 2 years.

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