12 Amazing facts about Canada which you will be surprised to know

Canada is known as quieter and more gentle neighbor to USA. It is true lover of hockey and occupies special place in hearth of every Canuck, there are some common beliefs which are far from reality. Here are some amazing facts after which you will get surprise to know:

1. Thanksgiving: This place celebrates Thanksgiving Day earlier than America. Canadians celebrate this day on second Monday in October.

First version of Thanksgiving was celebrated in Canada in 1578 in Newfoundland as opposed to Americans in 1621. Canada has changed this holiday several times until 1957, when Parliament finalized the month and day.

2. Spare Changes: Canadian Royal Mint created a coin with value of $1 million, the coin is made of 99.99% gold and its weight is over 220 lbs.

3. Bunch of tree huggers: Around 30% of Canada’s land is occupied by forest. This land is covered by huge bunches of huggers.

4. Maple Leaf: Almost after 100 years, when Canada became a country in 1867, Canada’s flag became official on 15th February, 1965. Canada has used around 13 different designs since 1497 before Maple Leaf on Canada’s flag finalized.

5. Canada is garter snake capital in the world: In north of Winnipeg where Narcisse Snake Dens is about 130 km.

In mid-April to early May you can see number of thousands of garter snakes which get slithered from their dens. Platforms are available to watch for people from distance.

6. Crossing border: The USA/Canada border is longest international border in the world, this border is lack in military defense.

7. Canadaram: The Canadaram is a robotic arm which is used to deploy, capture and used to repair satellites. This helps to maintain equipment, astronauts and to capture cargo moves.

It is names as Canadaram because it was developed by scientists in Canada. Canadaram was launched first in space in 1981.

8. UFO Landing Pad: Canada is first country to build UFO landing pad in St. Paul Alberta. Paul Hellyer, Minister of National Defense was there for grand opening in 1967.

9. Overpasses for Wildlife: Highways on Banff National Park, Alberta are designed to create perfect marriage between overpasses and passing vehicles for wildlife : which include lynx, wolverine, bighorn sheep, deer, elk, moose, cougars, coyotes, wolves, black bears and grizzly.

Swimming of Polar Bear: Residents of British Columbia and Vancouver take plunge in freezing waters in English Bay. This Polar Bear Swim tradition takes place on the New Year Day at 2:30pm.

10. Ogopogo: This place has version of Loch Ness monster which is located in depth of Okanagan Lake. this sea creature is being spotted since 19th century.

11. Olympic Gold: Canada has two records : one gold medal was won by country in Winter Olympics and other was won by host country in Olympics. Both medals were accomplished in Vancouver, 2010.

12. Toonies and Loonies: $1 bill was replaced by a coin having face of common bird on one of the side of coin and on other side there was picture of Queen Elizabeth.

This is the reason that Canadians call 1 dollar as “loonie” and $2 bimetal coin was introduced as name as “toonie”.

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