Vancouver British Columbia Canada

12 Facts About Vancouver British Columbia Canada That You Never Know

Vancouver British Columbia Canada is a seaport city in Canada, which is located in Lower Mainland region in British Columbia. As a huge populous city in province, 2016 census recorded around 631,486 people in city, it was up from 603,502 in year 2011.

Greater Vancouver had population around 2,463,431 in 2016, this makes it 3rd largest metro city in Canada.

Vancouver has highest population in Canada having people over 5,400 per sq km, this makes it 4th most densely populated city having more than 250,000 residents in North America behind Mexico City, San Francisco and New York City according to 2011 census.

Amazing Facts About Vancouver British Columbia Canada make Vancouver most happening and beautiful place in Canada. Vancouver is one of the linguistically and ethnically diverse city in Canada. 52% of the residents have first language other than the English.


Amazing Facts About Vancouver British Columbia Canada

1. Vancouver is known as “Hollywood of North”. In North America, city comes third in feature film production and second after Los Angeles in TV production.

Most of the production houses made in Vancouver are the American, where Toronto based production houses are Canadian. An Offline Travel Guide About Vancouver is available to know about Amazing Facts About Vancouver, British Columbia.

2. Cruise Ship Terminal of Vancouver, it is one of the most Amazing Facts About Vancouver British Columbia Canada which is 4th largest city in the world.

Most of the ships depart from terminal and are headed towards Alaska. Last cruise of 2016 season left Canada Place Terminal on 19th October.

3. Port of Vancouver is one of largest port in Canada and is 3rd largest in North America in terms of the total tonnage that moved in & out of port.

4. Vancouver is home to longest pool of Canada. Kits Pool is city’s one of the only saltwater pool and it is located in Kitsilano. Lanes stretch at 137 meters, which is 3 times as long as Olympic pool. You can enjoy 50 Amazing Attractions in the Vancouver Area.

5. Botox, Cosmetic Treatment was invented in Vancouver.

6. Stanley Park of Vancouver is 10% larger than the Central Park, New York. This can be explore via bike ride along famous Seawall.

7. Stanley Park: Grey squirrels are found in Stanley Park, these are descendants of 8 pairs of grey squirrels which has been gifted by New York City to Vancouver in 1909.

8. Largest tin soldier of the world is located in city of New Westminster, in Vancouver Metropolitan area. It is an astonishing weighs 4540 kilograms and 9.75 metres tall.

9. Vancouver has highest real estate price in Canada and is 3rd least affordable metropolitan real estate market after Sydney, Australia and Hong Kong.

10. “Eye of Wind” on top of the Grouse Mountain is only working wind turbine in the world having viewing platform.

11. Vancouver is one of the best major cities in North America where you can’t find freeway to access downtown.

12. Marine Building on 355 Burrard Street is used to be tallest building in British Empire.

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