Vancouver British Columbia Canada

10 Cool Facts About Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Vancouver is an amazing place which is located on mainland of North America, it is in south west corner of British Columbia, which is westernmost of ten provinces of Canada. Facts About Vancouver British Columbia Canada make Vancouver an amazing place to visit in Canada.

Vancouver is made up of around 21 municipalities which occupies almost 2,930 square kilometres around Fraser River delta. City of Vancouver is one of those places.

Vancouver City is on western part of a peninsula which is an extension of Fraser River’s delta. Delta is divided into part of Pacific Ocean, which separates Vancouver Island from mainland, that is called Strait of Georgia. Several urban areas are called municipalities of Vancouver.

Five of these are Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, New Westminster and Burnaby these are east of the Greater Vancouver. Cool Facts About Vancouver British Columbia Canada make Vancouver an amazing and most happening place in Canada.

Several municipalities are to north of Vancouver, which are separated by Burrard Inlet, it is main waterway for largest western port of Canada.

These 5 municipalities are Anmore, Belcarra, North Vancouver, Lions Bay and West Vancouver and are known as North Shore.

Some of the Facts About Vancouver are listed below and you will come to know more about Vancouver. 38 km i.e 24 miles south of the downtown Vancouver is Canada-US boundary.

Across Strait of Georgia and 96 km to south-west is British Columbia, on southern tip of Vancouver Island. Vancouver is exactly halfway between the Asia Pacific and Western Europe countries.


Facts About Vancouver British Columbia Canada

1. Vancouver recently was ranked as 3rd most “livable place in the world” for its quality of life and high standard of living. It is ranked as 10th cleanest and tidy city in the world. A Travel Guide is available on Lonely Planet Vancouver.

2. Vancouver has 4th largest and amazing cruise ship terminal in the world.

3. Vancouver is home to the longest pool in Canada, it is one of the Cool Facts About Vancouver, it measures around 137.5 meters, it is about size of 3 Olympic pools.

This saltwater and outdoor pool is a huge tourist attraction and is open year round.

4. Real estate prices are highest in Vancouver, Canada. In year 2011, average price of detached home was around $1,204,587.

5. Vancouver has biggest film production center in North America after New York City and Los Angeles.

6. Stanley Park is an urban oasis and is larger than New York City’s Central Park by 10%. It is around 1001 acres.

7. Vancouver Aquarium ranks in top 5 in the world. It is one of the amazing Facts About Vancouver British Columbia Canada.

8. Vancouver has 65% of residential area. Don’t get surprised to see lots of high rise of condominiums.

9. Vancouver has mildest climate in Canada. It receives average 1,589mm of rain every year.

10. Greenpeace is one of the world’s most successful and oldest environmental group which was established in Vancouver.

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