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8 Amazing Facts About Alberta Canada

Alberta is a western province of Canada. According to 2016 census, estimated population of Alberta Canada is around 4,067,175.

It is one of the Canada’s 4th most populous province of Canada’s 3 provinces. It is around 660,000 sq. km. Alberta’s neighboring places were district of Northwest Territories until the time they were established like a province on 1st September, 1905. People around the world love Tourism in Alberta.

Alberta is bounded by provinces of B.C to west and Saskatchewan to the east, US state of Montana to south and Northwest Territories to north.

Tourism in Alberta is best place to spend vacation spot in the world. Alberta is one of the 3 Canadian territories and provinces to the border only as a single US state.

Below are some 8 Amazing Facts About Alberta Canada

1. A phrase “trick or treat!” began first in Alberta.History of Halloween goes back by around 100 of years, but earliest known as use of “trick or treat” didn’t occur until the year 1927 in Blackie, Alberta.

2. World’s longest beaver dam is in Wood Buffalo National Park.Enormity of dam was not noticed until the period when someone spotted on Google Earth in 2007, but several generations of beavers worked on dam since 1975.

3. Town of Vulcan, Alberta totally has embraced whole Star Trek thing.Just to promote tourism, Vulcan features Star Trek museum and has 31-ft of replica of Enterprise next to spaceship shaped centre for visitorss. Plaque at base of replica is written in Klingon, Vulcan and English.

4. Town of St. Paul features UFO landing pad.There’s a UFO tourist information centre, where you can have “actual photographs of cattle mutilations, crop circles and UFOs.” Mapping Services are very helpful to travel Alberta easily.

5. City of Lloydminster is shared by Saskatchewan and Alberta.Lloydminster straddles border between Saskatchewan and Alberta,instead of fighting over territory, provinces agreed to share it.

6. In 2012, around 54 male babies in Alberta Canada were named after characters of Mortal Kombat. In Year 2012, list of registered baby names in Alberta were 39 boys who were named Jax, one named Smoke, one named Stryker and 13 named Raiden.

7. Wolverine is from Alberta.It is less “adorable”, more “brutally, brutally sexy,” but this is true: According to history of Marvel, Wolverine was born in the Cold Lake, Alberta in 1880s.

8. Boston Pizza was founded in Edmonton.The very first Boston Pizza was founded by Greek immigrant Gus Agioritis in Edmonton, this was called Spaghetti House and Boston Pizza.

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